Thursday, 29 November 2012

The Story of Luke Knoblitz - Luton City & England

Luton Town F.C.'s 50 Greatest Players - now available from

Introduction to 'Luke Knoblitz - English Football's First Alien Superstar'

Luke Knoblitz was English and British football's first alien superstar. In the 2040s, Luke lands on a Luton hill and ends up as the greatest player in Luton City's history.

As well as stardom at Luton, Luke had an illustrious international career with England. When becoming tired of football, Luke Knoblitz then went on to become a successful cricketer for Bedfordshire and England. He also dabbled in music and made a very successful album with singing legend Tom O'Hawk.

Luke liked the girls, and his meeting with Leeds female hooligan gang the White Rose Bunny Boilers became a scandal that rocked football in the 2040s. Luke was also beaten up by Irish twins, who he had cheated on.

Meet the other great characters of mid-late 21st Century English football in 'Luke Knoblitz - English Football's First Alien Superstar'. Be amazed by Jimmy Suitcase's and Jan Zsyzsziszowsky's behaviour, flinch at the antics of fearsome manager Alison Curvaceous, cringe at the team talks of cliche manager Jason Shattlodes, and suspend your belief reading about the exploits of almost unbeatable Chelsea 'keeper Billy Bubblehands.

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Introduction to Luton Town F.C.'s 50 Greatest Players

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