Friday, 23 May 2014

Is Arsenal Mascot Gunnersaurus Getting Too Big For His Boots?

After Arsenal's epic 3-2 FA Cup final triumph against Hull City evidence has emerged that Arsenal's colourful mascot Gunnersaurus may have a jealous streak.

In a photo taken of Arsenal matchwinner Aaron Ramsey and his celebrating team-mates, Aaron seems to be indicating that he's been poked in the eye. In this photo here, the lovable green giant can clearly be seen standing beside Arsenal's hero with claws outstretched.

Judging by the rather sinister look on Gunnersaurus's face I've a feeling that he maybe took exception to someone else hogging his limelight and gave the Welshman a sly poke. Still, after 9 years without a trophy no one's going to condemn the big green guy. After the Wembley win any talk of him being replaced will surely begin to subside...

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